Waterfront Rules & Regulations


North Dock

  • No overnight tie-ups at any time.
  • One hour tie-up maximum at any given time.

South Dock

  • Weekends (6 PM Friday to 8 AM Monday)
    • Three hour attended tie-up maximum.
    • One hour unattended tie-up maximum.
  • Weekdays (8 AM Monday to 6 PM Friday)
    • 24 hour maximum tie-up.
    • NO consecutive day tie-ups.


  • When tying up to the south dock, smaller boats with less draft should use the easternmost (inshore) spaces on the dock.  Please reserve the most western (offshore) dock spaces for larger boats that have a deeper draft. Outboard and stern drive powered vessels should use the most inshore dock which is available. This same policy also applies to smaller centerboard sailboats.
  • Return all dock carts to pier after use.
  • After using a hose, shut off valve and neatly coil the hose and close the hatch.
  • Do not leave any garbage on launches, docks, or piers.
  • You must request a spot for your dinghy, kayak, and/or canoe. Use only your assigned spot..
  • Members may get up to 2 bags of ice per day at no charge for use on their boats from either the Snack Bar or the Dock House. Members must sign a chit for all ice. The first two bags per day are free any additional bags will be charged at $2 per bag.
  • Children age 12 and under must wear a proper life jacket at all times when on piers, docks, and launches.
  • 3 MPH speed limit while driving on north pier.
  • If you are planning to be away from your mooring at any given night, please let us know, as we can use your mooring if needed for transients if our guest moorings are full. This will also help to keep your mooring lines clean and out of the water while you are away.
  • All members, please obey the rules of the waterfront and be courteous to your fellow members so our waterfront runs smoothly, safely and as efficient as possible.
  • Dinghies are permitted to tie up on the main floats as long as they have reserved and paid for space.
  • Visiting Yachtsmen from reciprocating Yacht Clubs are welcome to tie up a dinghy at the club's dinghy dock. Please contact our dock staff on VHF Channel 71 for the location of the guest tie up area.
  • The club operates launches in season.  Click here to see our Launch Schedule.